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Company Information

    Hind Organization is a world-class precision engineering company producing high quality precision machined parts & sub-assemblies to customer specifications.

    With the parent company Chiranjeev Industries, we have engineering and manufacturing expertise over twenty years.

    Our success is driven by our team of hands-on people who are recognized throughout the industry for their ability to collaborate effectively with associates, customers and partners.

    Most importantly, we have a long-standing commitment to meeting the special needs of a wide range of sector applications including Automobile, Oil & Gas, Motion Transmission , Power Generation and Commercial sectors.

    Our customer-centric culture includes our commitment to serve customers globally and ensure that the products and services they order are delivered on time and as promised. Additionally, we extend technology innovations wherever possible to improve our ability to meet our customers needs.
Our Features :
CNC/VMC Machined Components like Motor Shafts, Valve stem spindles, Flanges, Gear blanks & Gears, Cast iron sleeves, Cast Iron Components, Aluminum Gravity Die Castings, Pressure Die castings, Engine components etc.
Casting & Forgings
Cast iron sand casting & Shell mould casting. Aluminum gravity die castings and pressure die casting. S.S Investment castings, Open and closed die forged components.
Assembly & Sub-assemblies
Precision machined Assembly and sub-assemblies as per customer design, specifications and standards.
Quality & Inspection
Quality system as per ISO 9001:2000 Standards. This is backed by latest CNC co-ordinate measuring machine, Mitutoyo instruments and Gauges.
High end CAD/CAM software for solid modeling and manufacturing. Our design & engineering team can modify our standard product & models to fit customer requirements.


    Hind Organization is recognized as a world leader in supplying high precision components to worlds most internationally respected companies and leading brand names.

    Hind has consistently delivered products and services that define industry standards and prove to be reliable, precise and cost effective.

Our Features

Casting & Forgings


Assembly & Sub-assemblies